How to Get All the Lotion Out of a Pump Bottle

If you have ever wondered how to get all the lotion pumps for bottles, you may wonder whether you can cut the bottle in half and transfer the remaining product out that way. However, this brute force method isn’t advisable since pump bottles are often made from thick plastic. You may also end up with a cut-yourself-skin-as-you-go disaster.

Using a funnel

You should use a funnel to pour out lotion from a pump bottle. This helps to prevent spills. A medium-sized funnel works best for this purpose. Another option is to use a measuring cup. Both methods can help you guide the lotion through the pour spout. A funnel is useful for anyone who needs to pour a certain amount of cream without making a mess.

A plastic funnel with a tripod is another option to use. It tilts the bottle upside down so that gravity can empty the lotion. The funnel comes with adapters that fit different bottles. Once the pump is inserted, squeeze and tilt the device. The lotion will drain out. Alternatively, a funnel can get all the lotion out of a pump bottle.

Using a down-lock or up-lock mechanism

When using a pump bottle that contains lotion, it is helpful to know how to get the maximum amount of lotion out. The pump is a removable mechanism that delivers the product through a pumping action. The pump usually consists of a dip tube that reaches the bottom of the bottle and connects to an exit valve inside the pump mechanism. The pump also contains an actuator, a moveable lever that dispenses liquid. The more force you exert on the actuator, the more lotion will be dispensed.

Lotion pumps can be designed to either have an up-lock or down-lock mechanism to prevent leakage. They are made of various plastic materials, such as plastic and metal, and may have ribs to keep the liquid in or be smooth. Some pumps are also equipped with a gasket to prevent product leakage. Consider the closure size when buying a pump bottle to avoid any hassle.

Using a flip-top cap

Using a flip-top cap to get the most out of a pump bottle is a great way to reduce waste and maximize the amount of lotion you use. A hat designed to thread on the top of a lotion bottle can easily dispense every last drop of lotion. It works by utilizing gravity to pull the lotion toward the cap. The cap can be used to dispense shampoo or lotion.

Alternatively, you can buy a flip-top cap that will fit perfectly over a pump bottle. It has a finger recess which makes it easier to open the lid. You can also use a squeeze bottle cap on pump lotion bottles. Turn the bottle upside down and lean it against a wall. Once you are done applying lotion, unscrew the top to release the remaining product.

Using a Zero Waste Cap

If your pump bottle is near empty, you’ve probably wondered whether there’s a better way to dispense your lotion. The Zero Waste Cap is a clever invention. This cap easily attaches to pump bottles and serves as a stable base. Once in place, flip the cap, and the lotion will flow out. In addition, the Zero Waste Cap is reusable and comes with two adaptors for use with other types of bottles.

You can also use a milk jug lid to refill your lotion bottles. Trace the shape of the lid onto your lotion bottle and attach it with hot glue. Be sure not to get glue in the threads of the screw top. Store the bottle upside down, allowing the lotion to slide to the opening. Once you’re ready to use your lotion, unscrew the cap.

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