Top 4 Apps For Trading And Using Cryptocurrencies

Trading in cryptocurrencies is not for the fainthearted. It’s still a fairly unknown entity because it is just too new for there to be long-range data and analytics.

However, if you’re ready for the long haul and you have a high risk tolerance for investments, crypto is a great place to be active. There has been a lot of movement in cryptocurrencies.

The best part about getting into cryptocurrency trading now is that you have an array of options for the actual currency. You also have strong options for the app or platform that you trade on. Here are the best available right now:

1. Robinhood

What many investors love about the Robinhood app is that it isn’t just for cryptocurrencies. You can also trade in stocks and other more traditional investments using the app. This allows you to keep all of your trades in one place, allowing you to see your whole portfolio in one go.

With Robinhood, you can trade in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including all of the big names in the industry. It also allows you to make purchases quickly because you can access any deposits you make to the platform immediately.


For some, investing is a social sport as well as a key part of their financials. With eToro, you get the added bonus of a social media-style platform where you can comment publicly about investments and track what’s happening with other investors on the app. If you want to, you can even match your investments to what other people are doing with the best crypto coins.

3. Square’s Cash App

On this app, you can invest in stocks as well as Bitcoin. It doesn’t do other cryptocurrencies, but you can manage your Bitcoin with great detail on the app. Square actually allows for person-to-person payments, as well as trading.

This is a great app for beginner traders. You don’t have a lot of choices, which is a good thing if you’re new to cryptocurrencies. It also doesn’t cost you anything in commission fees when you trade on the app.

4. Gemini

The beauty of this app is how simple it is to use. If you’re a beginner or new to trading in cryptocurrencies, Gemini will help you through the whole process of buying, monitoring, and selling. It also helps you to earn interest on your investments if you leave them idle for a time – just be aware of the fees you’ll be paying.

Another perk of this app is the help library. You get access to a wealth of tips, advice, and instructions to help you get started as a beginner. You may even find some useful information even if you’re an experienced trader.

Start Trading Like An Expert

Trading in cryptocurrencies is much like trading in any other stock or currency that is considered high-risk. If you monitor things carefully, you can make money – you just need to have the right tools to help you. This is where a list like this of great trading apps comes in handy.

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