Fall escapism – how to beat your end-of-summer blues

As August slowly faded into September and September into October and the summer fever is gone, life starts to feel real again. It’s either work deadlines or going back to school that make us anxious and, as it gets colder outside, our clothes now cover the tan lines. Summer has packed her bags and left again, leaving us feeling like the jar of joy is empty. At first, nothing may seem exciting about the season change – the days get shorter and the wind starts blowing colder, is there really anything to enjoy about it?

We are here to tell you that the answer to that question is yes. Fall is a fruitful season (literally) and has multiple perks that make it so enjoyable. Some would even dare to say it’s better than summer.

Fall escapism can be found everywhere – in nature, in fashion, in food and drinks, and in the ones we have nearby. So here you have 4 ways of beating your end-of-summer blues.

1. Adventure spirit

Maybe what we enjoy most about summer is the feeling of freedom it gives us – the dose of serotonin we get from booking a flight or hopping in the car toward a new adventure is truly special, but that shouldn’t stop once September comes around. We often fail to see what a wide range of adventure opportunities are available just because we need an extra jacket. Fall comes with so many options for when you want to just get away from quotidian problems: you can either go on a hike to enjoy nature or even run to the beach! The seaside is beautiful all year round and early fall can be ideal for a picnic on the beach. All you’ll need is a warm blanket and some delicious food to enjoy while listening to the sound of the waves.

2. Fall Fashion

As much as we love sundresses and sandals, we have to be honest: absolutely nothing beats fall fashion. The weather allows you to play around with your style, and be creative with layering and accessorizing. Some statement pieces are timeless and we get excited to wear them every single year, as soon as the first leaf falls. An all-time favorite is an Aran sweater, a beautifully knitted wool sweater with origins in Irish history; such a piece brings together comfort, style, and the beauty of heritage reflected in modern fashion. And the best part is that, if you get a high-quality sweater, you’ll get to enjoy it for a lifetime! You can find a wide range of options online. Also, shopping is always a good idea when you’re in your blues!

3. Hot drinks & pumpkin pie

Countless iced cocktails on a steaming hot day are hard to beat, but hear us out! Imagine coming home with red cheeks and freezing cold hands, just to be welcomed by a mug of hot tea you can wrap your fingers around. Or your mom making you hot chocolate on a snowy evening when you were a kid; the first sip of coffee in the morning or the spices of mulled wine still lingering on your tongue. These forms of liquid joy have been waiting for their season to come for long enough. One last thing: now imagine serving a big slice of pumpkin pie next to any of those!

4. Family and celebrations

Don’t forget that Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner! It’s the perfect time to get the family back together and hear all the crazy stories from this summer’s vacations while enjoying a delicious dinner and some cozy time next to the fireplace. As much as we love the all-time-high energy of summer days, a retreat back home with your dear ones can do wonders. We’re sure you have lots of stories to tell them and hearing them laugh will make you completely forget about missing summer.



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