Exploring the Benefits of Obtaining A TABC Permit

Getting your state alcohol license or permit is a daunting task. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. TABC certification is not required by law, but it’s commonly requested of employees working in restaurants, bars, and brewpubs to avoid liability. Determining which TABC liquor permits, you need, navigating city alcohol regulations, and selecting if your location is wet are all part of the process.


When you work in an establishment that sells alcohol, TABC certification can help protect you and your employer. TABC courses teach you to follow state laws and keep minors from your bar or restaurant. It can also reduce liabilities if an employee makes a mistake while serving customers. Depending on your permit type, there are benefits to being a certified seller and server. For example, you can sell alcohol-to-go in places you couldn’t before.

You can find all the TABC documents and forms in AIMS, TABC’s online hub for managing your license or permit. It’s the fastest and easiest way to apply. 


A TABC permit allows you to increase your restaurant, bar, or hotel revenue. It is a class A misdemeanor to make alcohol available to minors, so many businesses choose to get licensed to avoid this issue.

Getting a TABC certification will help you become a better bartender or server. It will teach you how to spot an intoxicated customer and intervene when necessary. You will also learn to check IDs to ensure no minor is served.

Additionally, a TABC license can allow you to sell alcohol to go. This is an exciting new development that gives restaurants more options for revenue. However, you will still need a Food and Beverage Certificate for this. 


In the hospitality industry, having a TABC Permit is one of the most attractive qualifications employers look for. Getting certified makes you more marketable for bartending, serving, and catering jobs in Texas and nationwide.

Once you determine which TABC permit fits your business model, the next step is finding a location where that permit will be allowed. A spreadsheet TABC has prepared showing wet/dry locations can help, but only the city or county clerk’s office can make an official wet/dry determination. Once you have an address, learn how to apply in the Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) or find paper applications for new licenses and permits. 


A TABC license is essential for anyone in the food and beverage industry. It’s a legal requirement in Texas for any employee who sells, serves, or delivers alcoholic beverages to customers. A TABC certification will also help you keep yourself and your employer safe. It’s a class A misdemeanor to serve alcohol to minors knowingly, and if you are found guilty, you could face fines and jail time. The TABC Code comprises guiding laws passed by the state legislature. TABC has the authority to make rules necessary to carry out these statutes, which become part of the Texas Administrative Code.


Taking the time to complete TABC certification can make all the difference. It will help you understand how alcohol impacts the body and how to handle situations with minors, intoxicated individuals, and other legalities.

Ultimately, a TABC permit can save you from costly repercussions. Breaking TABC rules can lead to fines, damage control expenses, lost business, and reputational harm. Finding a job can also be hard when violations mar your work history. Be sure to update your permit and license information with TABC. This will ensure you have proper documentation for any compliance inspections. 

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