Practical Souvenirs to Bring Home From Your Trip to Europe

Are you getting ready for your European trip, but don’t know what souvenirs you should bring back that will actually be useful and won’t end up in the trash in a few years? We’ve got you covered! Here are some practical souvenirs that you should consider buying while traveling to European countries.


If this summer you plan on enjoying an Aperol Spritz on a terrace somewhere in Northern Italy, you’ll be fond to find out how many exceptionally good souvenirs this European country has for you. Italy is renowned for its exceptional leather products, making it an ideal destination to hunt for high-quality leather goods. It would be a pity to spend your time in Italy without getting a stylish leather purse or a chic wallet, as there you are sure to find something for every taste and budget. The city of Florence is particularly known for its leather markets and you can discover authentic handmade pieces there that will serve as both a stylish accessory and a cherished reminder of your Italian trip.


When traveling to the United Kingdom, most people only limit their journey to London, but this beautiful country has a lot more to offer. Lately, Edinburgh has finally been getting the recognition it deserves, as this city is a timeless gem that represents the perfect combination between rich history and modern touches. Some popular and practical Scottish souvenirs include tartan clothes, accessories, and throws, as it is the fabric most associated with the country’s culture, but also whiskey and whiskey glasses, as well as Harris tweed and Scottish treats. You can get those while in Scotland or order Scottish gifts online from online stores so you don’t need to carry them in your luggage back home.


When in Switzerland, you can’t leave without a watch. This country has a long-standing reputation for creating some of the world’s finest wristwatches, both affordable and high-end. So, investing in a Swiss watch not only guarantees you a reliable and elegant accessory but also carries the legacy of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. Aside from its high-quality watches, Switzerland has many other souvenirs to offer, such as delicious local chocolate that you can get either from world-famous brands like Lindt and Toblerone or artisanal chocolatiers.


Greece is another popular tourist destination especially during the summer season, as this Mediterranean country is known for its amazing beaches and crystal clear water. It is also an absolute heaven on earth for foodies, thanks to its delicious cuisine that is sure to be to everyone’s taste. Greek delicacies such as loukoumades, baklava, cheese, and olive are perfect not only to treat yourself during your vacation but also to bring home to your friend and family to enjoy as well. For more long-lasting souvenirs, take into consideration getting handmade Greek ceramics such as bowls, plates, or figurines, especially in the distinctive white and blue colors specific to the country.

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