Top 5 Quit Smoking Apps

Smoking is one of the hardest habits to break. If you’ve been relying on nicotine to help you manage your anxieties, imagining a life without it is very difficult. However, with the help of these apps, it’s never been easier. Your body has a miraculous ability to heal itself and after one week of quitting you’ll start to notice the difference.

So, let’s take a look at these incredibly powerful tools that can help you break your addiction today!

  1. Quit Smoking Slowly

For those of you who can’t imagine going cold turkey, Quit Smoking Slowly helps you cut down before you stop lighting up entirely. Even if you don’t want to quit but would like to cut down, this app could be incredibly useful.

Quit Smoking Slowly requires you to log your daily intake and keep track of the time that passes between each cigarette. If you decide you want to quit, the app will give you a slowly diminishing daily quota that will help you realize your goal.

  1. Kwit

Kwit is one of the many apps that turns ‘kwitting’ into a fun, rewarding game. As you progress you pass levels and ascend the ranks on your journey toward ‘ultimate kwitter’. As you go you’re rewarded with hints, tips, and facts that help you on your journey towards giving up your bad habit. While this game-style method might not be for everyone, anything that could help is worth a try.

  1. Quitter’s Circle

When it comes to addiction, it’s widely accepted by physiologists and psychologists that the antidote is community. Developed by the American Lung Association in collaboration with Pfizer, Quitter’s Circle invites you to join a global community of people just like yourself. More importantly, it introduces you to those who’ve gone through the quitting process and are willing to offer you advice that’ll help you give up smoking once and for all!

  1. Flamy

If you want to quit quickly, Flamy is for you. This well-crafted app offers an intelligent and friendly user experience. Flamy offers a 14-day quitter’s boot camp that’ll help you monitor not only you’re smoking but also your general mental health. You can also challenge your friends and family to see who’s been clean the longest.

  1. Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten

This app, developed in collaboration with a clinical hypnotherapist, gives users access to a range of audio recordings that use neuro-linguistic programming to help you kick your habit. Based on tried and tested principles, the app boasts an enormous success rate. Download it today to start your smoke-free life, and while you’re at it, visit Rush Casino and download the app to stay busy too!

If you’re trying to quit, there’s a world of apps at your fingertips that could help you stop as fast or as slow as you’re comfortable with. Don’t wait, a healthy lifestyle is one tap away!

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